MSGNI is a Philippine based BPO/KPO service delivery company based in Bataan, Philippines.

Opened in 2009, we have been providing outsourced programs for market research data collection, processing and tabulation, contact center services, content management, global supply chain and logistics support services to foreign and domestic entities. We recently added Online English Teaching to our service offerings.

We are a rural BPO, being mainly based outside of Metro Manila. We engage in "rural impact sourcing" - the ability to draw and develop local resources for our operations at much lower cost but at competitive competency level vis-à-vis in urban sites.

This business strategy also contributes to the economy and welfare of the local community in which we do business.

Whether you are a growing business or an established large organization, you may find it more efficient to focus on key areas and processes that fuel more growth, expansion, and profit, and to spend less time on processes and services that are too specialized or costly for your company to do internally, but can easily be done or provided for you by third parties specializing in them.

Cost Competitiveness Availability of skilled, English speaking workforce
Political and economic stability Good business environment and incentives
Office space availability Robust telecommunications and internet connectivity

Passion and competence to bring the innovations that will provide the ultimate cost and service value proposition to your outsourcing needs.

We have well rounded expertise in that will enable clients to address different business objectives.

We ensure that clients are given the RIGHT ANSWERS and not mere numbers.

Cosmotech, DTSI Inc., EGS-APAC-NCO, Globe, ICT, Ipsos, PLDT, Smart, Stream, TNS
Balanga Government, BPAP, BSA/U, CCAP, MORES, PESO, PhilCall, TESDA